Committee of Management


Sunnyside Kindergarten operations are managed by a voluntary Committee of Management consisting of parents whose children are enrolled at the kinder. From maintenance to fundraising, the Committee of Management provides support to the parents, staff and children and is responsible for efficient operations of the kindergarten.

All Committee personnel should also appreciate that they have been elected to manage the affairs of Sunnyside on behalf of the parents. Above all else, the main objective of the Committee must be to ensure the optimum benefit to the children attending Sunnyside. Committee meetings are held approximately once a month and typically run for 2-3 hours.

The Committee must act in accordance with the “Governance and Management of the Service Policy” which outlines broadly the duties, roles and responsibilities of the Committee of Management of Sunnyside Kindergarten Association, Inc.

All committee members require a cleared police check and working with children check.

2018 Committee Members and contact details. Please refer below for role descriptions.

Executive Committee

Lauren Gurry|
Vice Presidents
Human Resources
Lauren Ure |
Policies and Procedures
Jen Pankjovic |
Honorary Secretary and Public Officer
Sally Brady |
Honorary Treasurer
David Stacey |

Committee (Non-Executive Roles)

Social and Fundraising Secretary
Lisa Beach/ Fiona Boyer |
Maintenance Officer
Helen Simpson/ Arash Rashidan |
Communications Officer
Amanda Holder |
Grants & Special Projects
Julie Meseha / Alicia Laxana |
IT support
Pasquale Cardillo|
Sausage Sizzle Coordinator 
Adam Stawski


PRESIDENT (executive role) 

The President is responsible for the following functions:

– Chair monthly committee meeting

– Address any parent or staff concerns and/or complaints

– General support to all committee members

– Employ and liaise with external contractors

– Manage correspondence and act as point of contact with DEECD, ELAA and Stonnington

– Liaise with the Director regarding kindergarten matters on a regular basis

– Work with the Administration Officer to maintain records

– Support Vice-President in regard to staff matters

– Help draft the annual budget

– Act as signatory to the bank accounts

– Manage AGM

– Take nominations for life members

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check.

This role will suit someone with a general interest in the kindergarten, who is good at delegating and helping people understand priorities, and who is comfortable making decisions.

The outgoing President will be available for ongoing support and consultation where requested.


The Vice President – Human Resources is responsible for the following functions:

– Represent the Committee in developing and maintaining a professional relationship with staff

– Maintain an open and clear line of communication between staff and management

– First point of call for any issues staff may raise with management

– Hold regular staff meetings and share relevant information with staff

– Oversee staff training and development

– Undertake annual Performance Reviews with the staff

– Ensure all VEECTA award regulations and conditions are met

– Ensure all staff are aware of any policy and regulation changes

– Ensure all regulations are met in relation to staff

– Advertising and interviewing for new staff as required

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check.

The main focus of this role is as the staff liaison officer to all staff employed at the kindergarten. The Vice President – HR is required to work closely with the President and act as a support where necessary.

This position would suit someone who has some management experience, who has some experience in the field of human resources, or who has strong and clear communication skills and would enjoy the chance to support and work with our marvellous staff.


The Vice President – Policy & Procedures is responsible for the following functions:

– Establish policy review timetable for each year after consultation with previous year’s officer

– Review policy and assess procedures as required

– Make recommendations to Committee regarding policy changes

– Amend policy based on regulations and kindergarten philosophies, program and procedures

– Manage reporting requirements to DEECD and ELAA

– Administer and report on annual parent survey through survey monkey.

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check.

The role of the Vice President – Policy and Procedures is to write, amend and keep the kindergarten’s policies and procedures updated. This enables the kindergarten to run effectively and helps to maintain its high standard and quality. These documents are a legal requirement for the kindergarten and help aid in the communication between staff, parents and other associates of Sunnyside Kindergarten community. As the policies and procedures are constantly evolving with changes in government legislation etc., the tasks required for this role will be an ongoing process.

TREASURER (executive role) 

The Treasurer is responsible for the following functions:

– Compilation of the yearly budget, including setting the kindergarten term fees (done in consultation with the Committee)

– Analysis of monthly spend to budget

– Report to the committee on the monthly profit results to budget

– Oversee all banking functions of the kindergarten, including but not limited to, the maintenance of appropriate signatories, the monitoring of term deposits, the maintenance of the electronic banking function Commbiz and monitoring of credit card usage.

– Approval of payment on all invoices, done through both electronic banking and signing of cheques (the Treasurer is one of two signatories and all payments require BOTH signatures for payment).

– Follow up of unpaid fees with families

– Liaising with bookkeeper and auditor for the yearly auditing process which is completed by an independent auditor

– Review of the annual financial report

– Submission of annual financial report to the Department of Consumer Affairs.

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check

The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing all finance functions of the kindergarten with the support of a bookkeeper. The bookkeeper is responsible for the following functions:

– Maintenance of the accounting functions within MYOB including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and balance sheet reconciliations.

– Oversee all payroll functions, including being the primary contact for the payroll provider ADP

– Payment of all invoices

– Banking of cheques and monies

SECRETARY (executive role)

The Secretary is responsible for the following functions:

– Manage meetings, set meeting dates and send reminders

– Hold all relevant past and present files

– Record minutes and action items of each meeting and distribute to committee members after each meeting

– Prepare agenda for committee meetings in consultation with President

– Prepare and distribute AGM notices

– Support administration role with enrolments as required

– Ensure that all rules relating to meetings are complied with eg. quorums, motions, voting

– Hold the official seal

– Organise committee functions (end of year dinner)

– Committee correspondence management

– Organise cards (bereavement, congratulations) on behalf of the committee and staff

– Invite past life members to AGM

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check.

The main role of the secretary is to ensure an accurate record is kept of committee undertakings and decisions while assisting with communications between the committee, staff, parents and community.


The Communications Officer is responsible for the following functions:

– Update and manage the Sunnyside kindergarten website

– Create & publish a newsletter each term and send via email

– Send emails to Sunnyside families with updates throughout the term at request of teaching staff or committee

– Produce posters to market kindergarten events e.g. working bees or fundraisers

– Manage the kindergarten Facebook page.

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check

This role would suit a person who likes writing, sharing photos and information. A basic knowledge of Word press and Mail Chimp is not required but advantageous. You will be required to have your own computer and internet. The website content is provided by the teachers, committee members and parents. This role is a good opportunity to learn some modern web skills.


The Maintenance Officer is responsible for the following functions:

– Ensure the kindergarten building and grounds are safe for the kinder community and that they comply with regulations

– On call during school hours in case of a maintenance emergency

– Plan working bees – set dates, coordinate volunteers

– Purchase any equipment, tools etc required for working bees or other

– Coordinate any special projects (eg. build new items, shelving etc)

– Work with council maintenance department regarding council responsibility for building and grounds maintenance

– Organise external contractors for external and internal maintenance

– Oversee the garden design and maintenance

– Track history of maintenance carried out and required

– Track working bees completed by kinder families for working bee levy reimbursement

– Communicate with the President, Director and Treasurer in regards to maintenance requirements and costs involved.

– Organise volunteers for fundraising sausage sizzles

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check.

The Maintenance Officer will also liaise with support people to establish methods of task delegation and to establish if they have any particular areas of expertise. The Maintenance Officer may also wish to identify any professionals within the wider kinder group who are able to assist in some areas. The maintenance officer will have at least 2 helpers who will act as team leaders for the working bees.

MAINTENANCE ASSISTANTS (3) (non-committee role) 

The maintenance assistants are responsible for the following functions:

– leading the team of volunteers for an allocated number of working bees

– record attendance of volunteers and pass on to Maintenance Officer.

The maintenance assistant role is not a committee role so not required at meetings.


The Grants and Special Projects Officer is responsible for the following functions:

– Identify and write submissions for relevant and appropriate grants on behalf of the committee

– Identify opportunities within the kindergarten that may be appropriate to request funds from grants

– Identify relevant and appropriate fundraising opportunities to compliment the grants achieved

– Maintain strong working relationship with Stonnington Council officers to ensure projects run smoothly (as most works need council approval).

– Report on grant spending and project outcomes to grant providers.

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check.

This role involves identifying available grants from local, federal, state governments as well as from companies and local business to assist the kinder to deliver special projects and objectives.

When the kindergarten is delivering a large project involving funds raised from grants, the Grants and Special Projects Officer manages and/or oversees the project and budget (often in partnership with other members of the committee – such as maintenance, presidents, treasurer and fundraising representatives.) The Grants and Special Projects Officer will liaise directly with the President, Maintenance Officer, and external contractors and other members of the committee as required.


The Social and Fundraising Officer is responsible for:

– planning and organising social & fundraising events for the kindergarten community.

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check.

There is great flexibility to create any gathering you desire in liaison with the committee. In recent years, events have included:

– Welcome drinks for parents (Term 1).

– Mums night out.

– Easter BBQ/cake stall

– Major fundraiser (eg. tivia night) with live and silent auctions.

– Family Christmas BBQ/picnic

As 2018 is the 70th anniversary of Sunnyside Kindergarten, there will be plenty of opportunities to create some fun and memorable occasions for the parents and children.

It is an enjoyable role and works well with a team of two to oversee the planning and logistics of setting up each event. The role is suited to those interested in bringing people together and who enjoy managing events. You do not need a weekly time commitment but just need to plan ahead and be organised.


The Class Representatives are responsible for the following functions:

– plan and organise individual class group social activities (eg. coffee catch ups or dinners)

– go-to person for the parents in their class

– assist social & fundraising officer with the kinder-wide social events (eg. sourcing goods and services, booking venues, publicising events within their kinder group, collecting money etc).

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check

There must be a nominated representative for each class. Class representatives play an important role in assisting the social and fundraising officer as well as being a key contact for parents in their group. The people in these positions are not required to attend committee meetings but will be required to attend social meetings run by the Social and Fundraising Officer.

IT SUPPORT OFFICER (non-committee role) 

The IT Support Officer is responsible for the following functions:

– maintain the Microsoft Office 365 email platform

– maintain IT procedural documentation

– end user computer support (eg. desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile)

– maintain on premises file server

– maintain nightly backups to Amazon of on premise file server

– maintain Microsoft SharePoint online team site

– respond to ad hoc IT related queries

– develop and maintain online registration forms (eg. enrolment form, etc)

– maintain on premises networking and printing.

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check.

This role would be suited to an IT professional who has hands on experience with the above mentioned technologies. The IT Support Officer is only required to attend committee meetings when attendance is requested by the committee.

SAUSAGE SIZZLE COORDINATOR (non-committee role) 

The Sausage Sizzle Coordinator is responsible for the following functions:

– organise food safety requirements and council permit through Street Trader Website

– purchase sausages, bread, sauce, onions, ice, drinks

– transport all food and equipment (eskies, Sunnyside signage, storage buckets, attendance sheet for volunteers to sign and a pen etc) to site on the day of sizzle

– manage cash box, including organising cash float, getting coin bags from bank

– collect contact details of volunteers (obtain from Maintenance Coordinator) and confirm attendance

– manage and store leftover drinks at kinder

– set up and pack up all equipment at site on day of sizzle

– replenish items in the BBQ kit ready for next BBQ (very important at the end of each year)

– Will require a cleared police check and working with children check

The sausage sizzle coordinator is responsible for managing at least 2 sausage sizzles throughout the kinder year at Bunnings and any other feasible location. The sausage sizzle coordinator is not required to attend committee meetings.