At Sunnyside Kindergarten we aim to develop a community of creative, joyful and compassionate learners who use courageous and innovative thinking.

We are dedicated to connecting children with their ability to create and express themselves. We believe that learning comes most naturally when driven by the children’s interests. We carefully observe and assess each child’s individual interests, needs and learning styles and use this information to guide our teaching.

We provide opportunities for children to learn through exploration, inquiry projects and open-ended play. Our flexible and emergent program allows them to direct and co-construct their learning with their teachers and peers.

We value an inclusive, supportive and stimulating learning environment that evokes a sense of wonder, imagination and creativity, while providing opportunities for risk taking and problem solving.

Our routines and interactions with the children aim to empower them with the skills to solve problems, resolve social conflicts and build the foundations for lasting relationships.

Partnerships with children, staff and families enable us to understand the child as a whole and develop a community of learners.

We believe in documenting the children’s experiences to make their learning visible to our community and provide the children with opportunities to reflect, share and build on their understandings.

It is our aim to provide the children in our care with the opportunity to develop valuable life skills and to instil in them a life-long passion for learning.