Meet Our Educators

Sunnyside Kindergarten is proud to introduce our passionate and experienced educators.

Staff 2018

Angie Bromley                 Yellow group teacher / Educational Leader & Nominated Supervisor

Jenni Lythgo                    Yellow group educator / Office Coordinator & Enrolments

Kathleen Harley              Yellow group educator

Rachel Dale                      Blue group teacher

Michele Zabalegui          Blue group educator

Natalie Martin                 Blue group educator

Sue Michael                     Blue group educator

El Marson-Thomas          Red group teacher

Bronwyn Cameron          Red group educator

Sam Robinson                  Red group educator

Nicole Quirk                     Green group teacher; Blue & Yellow lunchtime educator

Gen Cuthbert-Blake       Green group educator; Blue & Yellow lunchtime educator

Phuong Harjanta            Green group educator

My name isAngie Bromley
At Sunnyside I teach… 4 year old Yellow Group and I am also the Nominated Supervisor and Educational Lead.
I love my work because… I am committed and  passionate about high quality early Childhood Education, with the view that children are citizens with rights. My vision is family entered practice, high expectations for all, collaboration, cultural diversity and for all to strive to be the best they can be. Most importantly to have a place where there is fun and happiness.
Previously I…. I Studied at Monash University City Campus and I have a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. I worked for 9 years as a coordinator, Educational leader Early Childhood Centre for the City of Melbourne
Something many people might not know….  I am mad about James Bond and have a collection of books and dvd’s. “I love Collingwood”

My name isJenni Lythgo
At Sunnyside I teach… 4yo Yellow Group and alternative Wednesdays in the Office.
I love my work because…  I love being with the children, some of my favourite things to do with them is to cook with them and teach them independence, I love having a joke with them.
Previously I… worked in the hospitality industry in commercial catering, I also spent time raising my two daughters who are now 18 & 16.
Something not many people know about me is… I get up at 6am three mornings a week to exercise.

My name is… Kathleen Harley
At Sunnyside I teach… I educate and play with the 4 year old Yellow Group
I love to work as a team with our Sunnyside community. I am passionate about the outdoors and engagement with children and their interests.
Previously I… completed and studied Certificate 3 in children’s services and participated in many personal development courses with Yooralla KISS.
Something not many people know about me is… my hobbies are sport, netball, bike riding and enjoying time with my two daughters and pet dog Ruby. I am currently studying my Diploma of Early Childhood Education.

My name is… Rachel Dale
At Sunnyside teach… 4yo Blue Group
I love my work because… It’s exciting to combine my passion for working with young children and music.  It is my intent to naturally embed music into the kindergarten program giving children the opportunity to experience music as part of their everyday life. I enjoy giving what positive contributions I can to others in their lives and sharing creativity, learning, fun and discovery.
Previously I… I have been teaching for a number of years in community run kindergartens, schools and children’s centres. I have studied in both Early Childhood and Music and have a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.
Something not many people know about me is… I’m originally from Hobart, Tasmania and enjoy going back there during holidays to visit family and old friends. I think growing up there surrounded by mountains, bush and water has given me a great appreciation for the outdoors and enjoyment of them, something else I like to share with children.

My name is… Michele Zabalegui
At Sunnyside… I educate the 4 year old Blue Group
I love my work because… what makes it special is we can learn so much from children, it’s not a one way exchange. They’re enthusiastic and energetic learners. I love setting up learning environments and experiences. My passion is engaging with children in  play and activities and observing them making connections with their world.
Previously I… worked in administration roles within the travel industry.
Something not many people know about me is… I’m a crochet fiend and sock knitter.

My name is… Natalie Martin
At Sunnyside… I am and educator in 4 year old Blue Group
I love my work because… children make me laugh and feel happy! I love their energy, and assisting them on their journeys of self discovery. I love the inspiration of the Sunnyside natural environment and the children’s joy as they play and learn in these beautiful surrounds.
Previously I… worked as an Account Manager for a Fine Wine company, and an Events Manager for Red Bull Energy drink and have trained as a Chef. After having my 3 children all attend Sunnyside kindergarten I completed my Certificate III in Children’s Services and have enjoyed my time working at Sunnyside.
Something not many people know about me is… I was born and raised in New Zealand in a large family with 5 brothers and have lived in Holland.

My name isElspeth Marson-Thomas (please call me El)
At Sunnyside I teach… 3 year old Red Group
I love my work because… I love to see the children engage as curious and inquisitive learners, inspiring them to think critically about the world in which they live
Previously I… studied a Bachelor of Arts (major in Politics, minor in Italian) when I finished school, worked as a flight attendant for 15 years, studied a post graduate diploma in Early Childhood and now I’m at the pointy end of my Master in Early Childhood.
Something many people might not know about me is… I am obsessed by cake and eat it daily! My children and husband are very pleased with my passion for baking!

My name is… Bronwyn Cameron
At Sunnyside I teach… the 3 year old children as a Red Group Educator.
I love my work because… it is a joy to create and privilege to create a happy and stimulating environment where the children play and learn.  I also value the relationships with the families of the children and the inspiring Sunnyside team I work with. I am looking forward to commencing my 8th year at Sunnyside.
Previously I… worked as an Integration Aide in the UK and as a Kindergarten Assistant and Integration Aide in Melbourne.
Something not many people know about me is… I am an actress.

My name is… Samantha Robinson
At Sunnyside teach… 3 year olds in Red Group
I love my work because… the children are joyous, happy and full of wonder and excitement. I enjoy watching the children discover and learn. It is also a privilege to work with a team of such wonderful Educator’s.
Previously I… I completed a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education.
Something not many people know about me is… I love to knit and sew.

My name is… Nicole Quirk
At Sunnyside teach… 3 year old Green Group and also get to pop in and visit Blue and Yellow Groups on Mondays.
I love my work because…teaching young children is extremely rewarding, not to mention fun! I also love working with a team of passionate and caring teachers to create meaningful and interesting programs for the children.
Previously I… completed my Bachelor of Education (Primary) and my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. I taught Prep for many years, and more recently have been a 3 year old Kinder teacher.
Something not many people know about me is…I grew up in Adelaide (and I really love coffee!).

My name is… Genevieve Cuthbert-Blake
At Sunnyside I teach… 3 year olds in Green Group and relieve staff lunches for yellow and blue groups.
I love my work because… children come to us with a great deal of knowledge. As I work in partnership with the children I explore their ideas and thoughts which directs me in providing the children with a variety of opportunities for them to explore, experience for their learning and development giving them the necessary skills for life. I also love the community we have at Sunnyside.
Previously I….worked as a Dental Nurse, Educator and Supervisor in Education, recreation and leisure for all ages with intellectual and physical disabilities at Scope Vic.
Something not many people know about me is…I was an athlete back in the day and played competition tennis for 25 years, now its a slower place of clinical pilates and walking.

My name isPhuong Harjanta 
At Sunnyside… I’m the Co-educator for the Green Group (3 year old)
I love my work because…I feel so privileged to be given the opportunity to help children become confident learners. I love seeing the excitement on children’s faces when they’ve conquered challenges and obstacles. It’s a job with many highs and lows but at the end of the day, I love it because not only do children learn from us Educators, we as adults are continually learning from the children daily. I look forward to working with you and your child to making this year a positive one.
Previously I…have worked in the Travel and Tourism industry, Employment/Recruitment industry and now here I am working in the Education sector.
Something not many people know about me is…I am half Chinese, half Vietnamese but don’t be fooled. I’m not that clever, I only speak very basic conversational Chinese and Vietnamese. I am also a whiz in the kitchen. I have about 70 plants in my house (Kingsley, my son counted them all) and I once baked wedding and children’s novelty cakes as a side business.