May 2, 2022

Limited spaces still available for Red Group 2022

Have you been considering enrolling your 3-year-old at Sunnyside Kindergarten this year but thought you’d left your run too late??  Well you are in luck!  After some family movements at the end of last year some very limited spaces have opened up in our Red group for 2022. 

Red group is perfect for any child beginning their pre-school journey. As part of the 3-year-old program, Red group children are introduced to our play-based curriculum which encourages them to build confidence and become inquisitive learners. As they participate in the program,  they develop new interests, self-help skills and explore their understanding of the world.  Often those children who have completed the 3-year-old program also enjoy an easier transition into their 4-year-old kinder year.

As a bonus, in 2022 the Victorian Government have introduced 3-year-old kindergarten subsidies meaning 5 hours of the programme each week are now funded by the government.  Red group hours are  Wednesday  9.00am – 2.45 pm and Thursday  9.00am – 1.00pm.

Please contact us ASAP if you’re interested!

"My son could always be found outside in the massive sandpit or jumping down the parachute slide, while my daughter was always cooking in the kitchen or parading out of the dress up cupboard"
Lucy, Maxi and Maddie’s Mum (2019-2021)
"My daughter loves the 'fairy garden' outside at Sunnyside and always asks when she can next go back. The staff were also very helpful in determining when to send Lucy to Kinder, given she has a February birthday"
Sophie, Lucy's Mum
“I like looking after Nick and brushing him”
Charlie, 4 years old
"I just love skipping at kinder"
Olivia, 4 years old
"Olivia just loves her days at Sunnyside. She always comes home with the biggest smile and can't wait to share the fun activities she's done, or the new skills she has learnt. The teachers are amazing!"
Kelly - Olivia's Mum
"William remembers his days at Sunnyside very fondly, and still loves to go back and visit the incredible outdoor play area, as well as see his previous teachers. There was never a dull day at Sunnyside, and he made some lifelong friends."
Andrew - William's dad (2019, 2020)
"Both my children, as well as my husband and I, loved Sunnyside... They adored their teachers across both the 3 and 4 year old programs and we all formed very strong friendships that continue."
Lucy, Maxi and Maddie’s Mum (2019-2021)
"Sunnyside has been fantastic for our family. It has been a gateway to meet the other families in the local community and our daughter absolutely adores attending."
Melissa, Bella’s Mum