Inspired by
Reggio Emilia

Our approach to learning at Sunnyside Kindergarten is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. This inquiry-based approach views children as capable, confident and co-constructive learners. It provides children with varied and meaningful opportunities to experiment with theories and ideas learned at kinder, both individually and in social settings. 

Children are encouraged to pursue their own interests and learn at their own pace with our educators guiding them to promote relevant and in-depth exploration of the concepts they are learning.

Reggio Emilia in action

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is centred around three core ideas, each of which contributes to creating the ideal learning environment.


The Image of the child

Learning comes naturally when driven by the child's own interests. Children are encouraged to explore and discover, and most importantly express themselves using a variety of tools at their disposal.
A smiling child jumping in a muddy puddle

The Environment

Free flowing outdoor spaces are valued highly, encouraging exploration, play and learning through different social interactions. Our Learning Centres are spread across indoor and outdoor spaces and are designed to stimulate critical thinking, problem solving and motor skill development.
Direction sign pointing to front and back yards in the Sunnyside Garden

The Educator

The teacher/child relationship is based on mutual respect. The role of educators in the Reggio Emilia environment is to nurture and guide children towards areas of interest. So, our educators focus on careful observation and assessment of each child’s individual interests, needs and learning styles, to guide our teaching.
A teacher reading a book on the floor surrounded by three children