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State funding and enrolment implications

The Department of Education (DET) released guidelines for Free Kinder for 2023 in August 2022.

Providers have the choice to opt in to the Free Kinder program. The Committee of Management has decided to opt into the Free Kinder Program for 2024. Please see the 'Fees' section of the website for further information.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with our educators on 03 9571 5349 to discuss what will work best for your child.  

Frequently asked questions

My child turns 3 between January – April, when should I enrol them?
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Please reach out and chat with one of our experienced team members about this.
Can my child start before they turn 3?
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Unfortunately no, we are licensed to educate children from 3 years of age.
How will my child learn while at Sunnyside Kindergarten?
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At Sunnyside Kindergarten, the children will engage in a play-based educational program. Our programs are guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF), Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and have been assessed to be exceeding the National Quality Standards. The children will be provided with a rich and meaningful program that is tailored to their individual interests and strengths. Our experienced educators will support, extend, and challenge your child through play to achieve positive learning outcomes.
When is it best to talk to the Sunnyside teachers when I need to?
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We are always happy to talk to you about your child’s progress at kindergarten and there will be opportunities for you to stay and play. Drop off and pick up times can be difficult to have a meaningful conversation as our priority is the supervision of the group. Please email your child’s teacher to set a suitable time to have in depth discussions.
What do I have to pack for snack and lunch at Sunnyside and what foods need to be avoided?
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We have children attending the kindergarten who have extreme allergies. We ask for your assistance in providing your child with a healthy snack and lunch which does not contain nuts or whole eggs. Please check labels if you are unsure, particularly with Muesli Bars. Other allergies will be communicated to you.
Are there ways we celebrate birthdays at Sunnyside?
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Birthdays are important milestones and we celebrate each child’s birthday at kindergarten. The group will hand make a card and a crown, singing Happy Birthday to the child celebrating their birthday. We thank you for saving cakes, treats and gifts for home celebrations.
What do I do with all the “special treasures” my child wants to bring to kindergarten?
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Sometimes when special treasures are brought to kindergarten, they can get lost, dirty or broken. To avoid this from happening we encourage the children to put their special treasures back in their bags to avoid disappointment.
What do I have to do to be SunSmart?
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Sunnyside Kindergarten follows a SunSmart policy. Sunscreen, a wide brimmed, legionnaire or bucket style hat which protects the child’s face, ears and neck is required during peak UV times. Peak cap and visors are not considered suitable alternatives. When attending a full day of kindergarten, sunscreen will be reapplied before outdoor play in the afternoon.
What should my child wear to kindergarten?
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It is important to dress children in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing that tolerates mess for kindergarten. Please pack an extra set of clothes each day in their bag along with a plastic bag, so that your child can independently change themselves if the need arises. Please name all of your child’s belongings clearly.
Can my child do a second year of 3-year-old kindergarten?
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As a condition of the new 3-year-old Kindergarten Funding rollout in 2022, all children will move through to 4-year -old kindergarten for their second year of funding.
Does my child have to be toilet trained?
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While this is not a strict requirement it is strongly encouraged. The summer holidays before your child begins kinder is the perfect time for you to support your child with this.
My child has never been to childcare, can they start kindergarten?
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Yes, of course. Kindergarten is often a child’s first step into education. Our experienced team will work with each family to successfully transition your child into kindergarten.
Will the children play outside in the rain?
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Sunnyside Kindergarten runs an indoor/outdoor program year-round. We ask that you please dress your child in weather appropriate clothing. As Alfred Wainwright once said, “There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”.
Will my child get dirty?
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Most definitely! Messy play and sensory experiences are rich with learning opportunities. Please dress your child in clothes that you won’t mind getting a bit dirty. We do have art smocks at kinder however some children will choose not to wear them.
Does Sunnyside Kindergarten provide meals?
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At Sunnyside Kindergarten, each child brings a packed snack, lunch, and water bottle from home. The children are encouraged and supported to open their lunch boxes and refill their drink bottles throughout the day.
How are the mealtimes structured?
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Each group responds to the needs of their groups individually, generally the children engage in a ‘progressive’ snack time, where there are able to learn to self-regulate the needs of their own bodies and begin to recognise the feeling of hunger. They will then come together for a lunch time together, where the social aspect of eating and coming together is supported.
Will my child learn their ABC’s and 123’s?
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Like all learning, the children will be exposed to such concepts through the play-based program. Sunnyside kindergarten is rich with aspects of literacy and numeracy throughout the environment – this provides the children and educators with ample opportunities to introduce, extend and support such learning.
What happens if my child is unwell?
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Unfortunately, we are unable to care for children who are unwell. We ask you not to send your child until they are back to full health and are no longer displaying any symptoms of illness. Please refer to our infectious diseases policy for more information. Families will be notified if a child becomes unwell during a session therefore, it is very important to ensure the emergency contact phone numbers on your child’s confidential form is accurate and updated throughout the year.

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